How to use the trimming templates C & D

I’m so glad that you are here to check the templates out. As I mentioned, measuring and trimming the umbrella units could be a lengthy process.

So I made these templates to make this process easier and quicker.

First, make sure to print the templates with ACTUAL SIZE! Cut the templates out.

Prepare the cutting ruler (or rulers) with at least 7″ long and scotch tape. It doesn’t need to be rectangle, but any quilter’s cutting rulers with 7″ long would work.

Rolled the tape and attached to Template C.

Note: The template in the photo above shows “SUMMER BEACH”. I changed the title of the pattern to BEACH DAY after I made this tutorial. But the size is same!

Attach Template C to the back of the ruler. Aline the edge.

Prepare the half square triangle (HST) unit and the ruler with Template C.

I recommend to make the marks for the first HST unit to test the ruler out. (Step 2 on page 7) This way you can make sure that your printed template is right size!

Rotate the HST unit carefully to get the right angle to trim. Place the ruler onto the unit, slide and align to the corner as shown in the photos above.

Before cutting, make sure that Template C is meeting the marked points.

And trim!

After Step 3 on page 7, you have to trim the block to 6-1/2″ square. 6-1/2″ square ruler comes in handy here! Place the ruler onto the unit and trim the excess.

Make sure that the unit measures at 6-1/2″ square.

Now you need Template D. Follow the same process to prepare Template C. I’m using the different ruler to avoid miss cutting.

Also mark the points as I mentioned in the instructions to see whether your Template D is right size. (Step 5 on page 8) Template C is right size then probably Template D is also right…but just make sure for the first unit.

After STEP 6, trim the block. It looks like it has perfect point! Yay!

After the first unit, I tried one more unit without marking the points. And this is the result.

I used two rulers in this tutorials but you can use one. That is no problem! Use Template C first and trim every HST units. (Step 2 on page 7) Then take Template C out from the ruler and attach Template D, trim. (Step 5 on page 8)

I hope these templates work for you and enjoy making the umbrella blocks! Good luck!