Today is the release day of A LITTLE BREAK -TINY MUG- pattern!



I’m pretty excited about this mini version! I’ve been thinking that this mug block is too cute that we can’t just use for making large quilts. The smaller blocks give you more opportunities to make different items.




I’m not the maker who can make all kids of handmade items. But I made these coasters and a potholder from 6″x 6″ blocks. Also mini placemats from 8″x 8″ blocks.



I used Amy Sinibaldi’sΒ pretty little potholder tutorial. It’s a great tutorials that I could make!!! I was excited about the finished!




These coasters are very simple. I just made the blocks, quilted, trim the corners, made bias binding and bind. 6″x 6″ coasters might be big for you but I like this size because I use the big Starbucks mugs all the time.



I love these mini placemats! I used 8″x 8″ blocks and added the 2.5″x 8.5″ rectangle to the right side of the block. For the pink placemat, I randomly pieced the scraps trimmed to 2.5″x 8.5″ rectangle. The finished size is 8″x 10″ and you need one 2.5″x With of Fabric strip for the binding.




It’s such a fun to make and hope you enjoy these tiny mug blocks!!!


Please click here to purchase my pattern!

Etsy shop—> A LITTLE BREAK-TINY MUG- pattern



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