Whoopie Pies Quilt

Good morning!

It has been a long time since I updated my blog last time! Time flies! But I feel like things calm down a little, so I will keep up!

I recently finished Whoopie Pie quilt which is my 2nd pattern! I’m so excited! I’m doing final check of the pattern now and hoping to release it soon. But I’m going to do a giveaway on Instagram before releasing! If you are not following me on IG, please scroll down and click the IG mark. You will go to my IG account.



I’ve been working on this project for a while. Originally I wanted to make french macaroon quilt. But I couldn’t make nice yummy shape! I tried different blocks, using paper piecing, curved piecing and applique. None of them worked! And at the end my older son told me ” Mommy! You made HAMBURGERS very well!” …. I couldn’t say anything. I just felt like I failed… My husband liked that he called that though. lol



I put this project aside and decided to take a moment. One day kids and I went to the grocery store and I sew Whoopie pie at the bakery section. “That’s it!” My block is closer to Whoopie Pie than macaroon. I was so excited and worked on the design again. And finally I could make the shape I like!

The shape was decided and the next was the colors. I used different fabrics for each block. My image was lovely french macaroons. I couldn’t get rid of the pretty colors from my mind! Whoopie Pies can be pretty too, don’t you think?

And for the cream, I used black dots on white fabric. I tried white solid first and it was okay but didn’t look good as black dots on white fabric.

At the point I was so happy to see the block comes together nicely. The hardest thing to decide was the background color. If you know me, I usually don’t use solid colors for the background but only white and light grey. I needed a color to make those pie blocks to show. I started to look for the solids and I loved mint for this pattern.

How to assemble was the next. I wanted them to look like stacked. So I made stacked pies and put the sashing between the columns. And added the borders. But it looked a little boring to me. So I added the drunkard’s path block to the corners. I thought the curved block will look nice in this pattern.



I used so many colors that I couldn’t decide what kind of fabric would go for the backing. When I was in Lancaster Pennsylvania, I found this pretty fabric from Camelot fabrics. I just loved it!



Talk about the batting. I used Hobbs batting 80/20. It’s one of my favorite batting. I love to use it because the weight is light and I can get nice texture after the quilting!

I did free motion quilting on my sewing machine. It took a lot of time! Especially pebbles! I can’t show you too closely though. I’m not good at it at all! But I wanted to try and thought it would look nice from distance! lol

I hope you like my Whoopie Pie pattern as much as I do! It’s fun project!

Thank you for reading.

Happy quilting!



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